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Make the most of your leftovers with these creative ways. You will be helping the environment by reusing what was once considered waste and not just that, you will also be helping your community and bank account!


Wondering what to do with your leftovers? You can either freeze leftovers in single serving size containers and use them for lunch or dinner another day or you can share it with Food Sharing Ottawa — They are a voluntary organization in Ottawa that takes care of ALL the food you cannot sell or use anymore.



Did you just slide the crisper drawer open only to discover that the celery is droopy, the carrots are rubbery and the onions are sprouting? Don’t fret! You can use it to make vegetable stock. You can even save veggies in the freezer to use in stock at a later date. Click here for tips on how to save your vegetable scraps for stock.



There is so much that you can do with fruits. From a variety of jams to vibrant salsas or even ice cream for those hot summer days. Find a variety of ways to save your fruit with delicious recipes here. Make sure you store your fruits and vegetables the right way, not everything goes in the fridge for storage. Click here for tips on storage.



Turn wine that has gone bad into red wine vinegar, you can use it on salads or for cleaning. This process may take several months but it could be a fun project. This step-by-step guide covers how make red wine vinegar, necessary supplies, potential issues and solutions. Here is a list of other things you could do with leftover wine.



Instead of tossing the crusts that you cut out of you sandwiches, save them in a leftover bread bag till you have 1-2 cups of bread crusts, then follow recipe to make some yummy croutons to add to your soups or salads.



For Tips & Tricks to reduce waste at home, click here.


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