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In addition, we provide:

  1. Determine buyer needs and timelines
  2. Home Buying Presentation outlining Realtor and industry professionals’ services
  3. Market updates with activity reports
  4. Agency information and discussions
  5. Knowledgeable comprehensive CMA
  6. Ongoing advice as markets shift
  7. Coordinate all showings
  8. Advise List Price
  9. Extensive Multiple Offer Experience
  10. Advise on the purchase process
  11. Arranging quotes for flooring, landscaping etc
  12. Knowledgeable team support
  13. Complete purchase documents
  14. Advise legal obligations of all parties
  15. Guidance for offers in a competitive market
  16. Ongoing visits/consults/contact
  17. Facilitate proper offer presentations
  18. Review, explain, advise and negotiate offers
  19. Prepare, present and negotiate counter offers
  20. Prepare, present and negotiate amendments
  21. Prepare, present waivers & notices ensuring timelines are met
  22. Guide the home inspection process
  23. Provide client with trusted resources (financing/inspectors//lawyers/insurance/contractors)
  24. Research additional professionals as required
  25. Arrange pre-closing viewings as required
  26. Facilitate appraisals for financial institutions
  27. Challenge financial institutions appraisals, as required
  28. Forward legal documents to lawyers
  29. Disbursement of funds
  30. Other closing services as required (keys/security codes etc)
  31. Continuous ongoing support/advice as required


The decision to buy or sell a home is tough! We understand you may want to stay put for while, or at least until you find your next dream home, but you probably want to get ahead of the game. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you make your next move.

The West Team Ottawa Real Estate

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