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Submitting an Offer

Once you have found the property you want, your Realtor will draft an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. While much of the agreement is standard, there are a few areas that we can negotiate:

The Price

What you offer on a property depends on a number of factors, including its condition, length of time on the market, buyer activity, and the urgency of the Seller. While some Buyers want to make a low offer
just to see if the Seller accepts, this often isn’t a smart choice because the Seller may decide their ideal price and the lower priced offer are too far apart to negotiate.

Completion Date

We will determine the right closing date for your and the Seller. This date refers to when you take possession of the home. Your move-in date may not be the same but shortly after.

Additional Property – “Chattels”

Often, the Seller plans on leaving major appliances in the home; however, which items stay and go is often a matter of negotiation.

Presenting the Offer

Typically, you will not be present at the offer presentation – your Realtor will present it to the listing agent and/or Seller. The Seller will then have the following options:

  1. Accept the offer
  2. Reject the offer
  3. Counter the offer with changes

In Ottawa’s hot Seller’s market, the winning offer is typically accepted without a counter offer. However, there is still the possibility that the seller may counter the offer. In these cases, our experience and negotiating skills become powerful in representing your best interests. When a counter offer is presented, we will work together to review each specific area of it, making sure that we move forward with your goals in mind and ensuring that we negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf.

The West Team Ottawa Real Estate