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Tips for Home Buyers

Your West Team Realtor has access to listings and information that goes beyond what’s available on You can customize your search criteria to include:

  • Specific neighbourhoods, price point and needs (# of bedrooms, bathrooms, in-law suite)
  • Type of dwelling (townhome, detached 2 storey, bungalow, etc)
  • Specific Builders and models
  • Wants (ie, pool or fireplace)
  • Even if you are looking to move to a specific street, a West Team Realtor will work with home owners until
    your dream home is found.

Here are a few quick tips when shopping:
Photos don’t always do a home justice. If you like the location and specs but the photos don’t show well, it may still be worth visiting. Can’t judge a book by its cover!

Don’t wait until the open house to view the listing. Often times, especially in the Ottawa market, homes don’t last until their Saturday or Sunday open houses. Contact your West Team Realtor to view the home
whenever you’re available to.

Your West Team Realtor can preview a home on your behalf. Out of town? Got called into a meeting? Having a strong knowledge of what you’re looking for enables your West Team Realtor to preview a home
and report back. We know you’ll love a house before you do!

What’s broken CAN be fixed. If you notice details of the home require repair, your West Team Realtor can either negotiate for the Seller to professionally fix it or for a reduced price. We can also connect you with a
professional who can provide a quote for repair before you commit to making the purchase. Don’t let a few missing roof shingles stop you from moving into your dream home!

The West Team Ottawa Real Estate