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Revamping and old, dated mirror is a quick & easy project that costs very little to do!

We had a mirror in our storage locker that we never used. We continued to complain about how it was a waste of space, as it didn’t compliment any of our other staging pieces. While developing design & staging plans for three upcoming listings we decided to start experimenting with more metallic design pieces. That’s when it hit us that we should try to revamp our old, ugly mirror & get some use of out it!

We went to Michaels arts & crafts store, picked up some spray paint & got to work.

We made sure the mirror itself was covered with painter’s tape & a plastic bag (for extra protection). We placed the mirror on the front lawn and sprayed away. It took less than 10 minutes to refinish with the spray paint & fully dried in about 45 minutes. For under $10 this mirror was as good as new. Take a look at some of the before & afters.






  • Cover edges of mirror with painter’s tape (we suggest a few rows of tape)
  • Cover the rest of the mirror with a plastic bag or garbage bag and tape it down to the rows you already laid
  • Shake spray can for a couple minutes for best results
  • Spray in a ventilated area (we laid some cardboard on the front lawn and spray painted outside)
  • Keep left over spray paint for future touch-ups

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